Sweep floor with a Brush

How to prepare your floor for anti static paint

We can’t stress enough how important it is to prepare the surface properly before the application of ESD paint. This is the most important part of any floor installation. If you just slap on the paint without any preparation, the results will be haphazard so like any job, preparation is the key, and will save…

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Climbing up wall

Do I Need to Paint Walls with ESD Paint?

We are getting asked with increasing frequency for ESD paint to apply to walls. The first question I always ask is “Why”? Look to your floor If a floor is ESD protected with a static dissipative surface then anyone brushing or rubbing against a wall will discharge straight into the floor through their ESD footwear.…

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Resistivity Meter

Do you need to test your Anti Static floor?

You’ve spent the money, painted or installed your Anti Static floor. All sorted – right? No need to do anything else is there? Assuming you have followed the manufacturers instructions correctly your floor should be working and static is being removed quickly and safely. How do you know for certain though? One year, two years,…

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How does Anti Static Paint work?

How does Anti Static Paint work?

You have a problem with static, you’ve been recommended anti static paint but how does anti static paint actually work? The majority of people quite frankly don’t care. If it solves their static problem they are happy. If however you are one of the minority or want to understand the basic principals involved we can…

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Do I need an ESD floor?

Do I need an ESD floor?

If you have a problem with static an ESD ( electrostatic discharge) floor can help. Static is a problem that can manifest itself in many ways in a work environment. In terms of electronics it is believed that up to 50% of hardware failures are static related. In other settings it can produce shocks, sparks…

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Static Terms and Definitions

Static Terms and Definitions

Looking for a floor to remove static? It can be very confusing when you see all of the different terms used. We have sold floor coatings for over 30 years and are rarely asked for the same thing by customers. We have therefore produced the following guide on static terms and definitions which explain the…

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What is Static Electricity

Static Electricity – What is it?

We have all witnessed Static Electricity. Have you ever walked across a room and got a shock when you have touched a door handle? Taken off a jumper on a dry winter’s day and had a “hair raising” experience and who can’t remember playing with balloons by rubbing against your jumper and then sticking it…

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